If I could pay someone to write my paper, I would have been the happiest person around.

You often think this while laying on your bed or watching the night sky. How can you not think of it when all the times you have an assignment or two to write?

Whenever you want to just enjoy the moment, a thought barges into your mind and ruins all of your enthusiasm. The last time you wanted to visit a café to drink some tea when you remembered that you had to complete the homework as well. Some may say that you should ignore the homework for the time being and write the paper after doing what you want to do. The thing is that they don’t know that the paper is very long. There are so many words that if you waste even a second of yours then you won’t be able to finish the paper.

How can you enjoy the little moments when you have a monster chasing after you? No one is present to hear your miseries.

You want nothing more than just to sleep all the day or watch the clouds all the time while ignoring the homework. Only you know that you don’t even want to glance at the dark homework. When you think about completing the papers, you feel that you are about to commit a sin. Now, some may think that you are insane but it is the truth. You don’t want to complete the paper and you don’t find anything shameful in claiming that. It is better than telling the lies.

If you had a magical wand then you would have used it to write your paper. Man, you really have a creative mind! All the day you think about the methods which you can use to finally avoid the paper. There is just a tiny issue with the methods that you have in mind. They are not applicable, at least not in this world. If you were to use such methods in the 2D world then it might have worked.

You have a lot of your ideas in your mind which you can use to turn your homework creative. But you just cannot bring your focus to the paper. Whatever you do, you cannot write the paper. You have tried to solve this problem many times but it was all in vain.

Once, you had found a potential way to help you and you were skipping the whole day to enjoy it. You had thought that you could just fix the photo of your professor to the wall and then complete the work. This way, you would always be seeing the scary face of the professor. However, this method had also failed. After just a single page, you had fallen asleep. You had even tried to put some matchsticks in your eyes to keep them open but the matchstick just didn’t fit.

So, the final option that you have come across is to pay someone to write my paper.

Why pay someone to write my paper?

Duh! You have no other choice. Would you elaborate a little?

You don’t have any interest

The first thing which counts the most in the completion of anything is interest. If you want to perform a task with glowing results then you ought to have a little interest.

Suppose that you tell a musician to paint a scenery, he will just look incredulously at you. If you ask him the reason then he would say that he doesn’t find anything interesting in painting a picture. Just like that, you don’t have any interest in writing the paper. Why don’t you have any interest?

Just look at the topic of the paper. It has nothing to do with the courses that you are studying at the college. Why should you analyze a movie and give your opinions? Sure it matches the concept that you studied earlier but the similarity is only a little. And if you don’t focus enough then you won’t be able to spot anything similar. That is why you prefer to pay someone to write my paper.

You have some other tasks

One of your biggest reasons to pay someone to write my paper is that you have some other important tasks.

While you know that you have some very important homework, it is not more important than looking after the sick sibling. To take care of your sibling, you have to do a lot of tasks yourself. For example, you have to cook for the sibling and only that takes a lot of your time. When you are done for the day, do you really think that you can write the paper? You are not a machine that can be recharged by plugging in the charger.

Being a human, you need rest and you don’t want to spend that time on your homework. Even if you decide to complete the paper, do you really think that you can do it? Homework is known for the time that it takes for the completion. If you are writing the paper then you must write well to score the highest. For that, you have to make a quality paper. And for quality, you need to have some time to be careful with each and every point. It is like you are climbing the stairs in a blackout. If you are not careful enough then you might fall and break a bone or two. Therefore, you really want to pay someone to write my paper.

You don’t have time

Once you are done with the chores, you don’t have the time to even wash. You really doubt that you could write the paper that quickly. Do you know how difficult it is to pull all the grass from your lawn just because your mother has punished you? You have a cutter but you have to pull it using your own two hands. In such kind of situation, you don’t know what you want to do anymore and you are telling to write the paper? Paying someone to write the paper is better than writing it yourself.