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All the policies stated below describe how we use the personal details if you visit liveassignmenthelp.com. We use the data to increase the user-friendly experience. Don’t worry we don’t use your information for any other purposes. Your information is confidential with us.

What is the information that we collect while you browse?

There is some general information which we require to provide you the access to the website. We get your IP address, the type of web browser that you are using, number of time you have accessed our website, and the OS.

For your satisfaction, we need to provide the best experience. To offer the best ride, we use cookies. With the assistance of cookies, we know the browser that you are using at the moment. With this information, we customize the website so that it suits your browser.


The first thing which you need to know about the cookies is that it does not harm your computer. It doesn’t steal your personal information. We use the cookies to identify your pc. This assists us in keeping an eye on the users. With the help of cookies, you can continue right from the point when you stopped. Almost all the websites that you visit use the cookies to enhance the experience of customers.

With the cookies, we will be able to know the sections and the duration of your visit. It is your choice to allow the cookies or not. However, if you don’t allow the access you will not be able to get a better ride with us.

External Information

Sometimes, when you visit the pages, a pop up might ask you to provide some information. You might have to provide some general information but there is no misuse. Your information is confidential and we don’t use it anywhere else. Any information that you share or provide is safe with us.

If you want to report something then you can just email us or leave your complaint at the customer care service.


With time, we need to update our services. We need to update the security measures. If there is a possible update then you will have to provide the information to get the access. We need to update the security so your information remains safe with us. If you want information on the usage of your data then you should keep visiting this page from time to time.

We have the right to close you from the website if you threaten or violate the law.

Ownership of samples

If you need samples then you can get it from the liveassignmenthelp.com, however, the rights still belong to us. You can use the sample to create something of our own. And you cannot use the sample for any other purposes without confronting the experts. The samples that we offer you are provided just for your assistance. You can take the example from it and make a stunning homework of your own. If you want to submit the assignment then have the assignment writing help service.

Your satisfaction is what we work for. We will try as hard as possible to deliver the quality work.