Refund Cases

Money Back Guarantee Policies

Customer satisfaction stands as a core principle for our academic paper writing community. Almost all clients that use writing services by AllEssayHelp.com claim that our services have always worked for them in a big way. Hence, they hardly ever ask for refunds although there will come a time that a client will feel that they deserve to be refunded. Some industry players actually lack a dependable money-back-guarantee policy even as they assure clients of giving back their money. At AllEssayHelp.com we have a concise and clear policy that enhances our clients overall satisfaction and experience. Our Money Back guarantee policy features apparent guidelines that outline situations and circumstances applicable to AllEssayHelp.com that must be fulfilled prior to issuing a refund. The policy is divided into two parts:

·         Before approval of the client’s order preview version

·         After approval of the order

Before Order Approval

For the client to qualify for the full amount refund, these conditions should first be met:

·         The client decides to revoke an order they have just placed and hasn’t yet been assigned to any writer.

·         The client made an error while making a payment. This includes, however not limited to, mistakenly paying twice on one order and paying for either two or multiple orders.

·         Lack of a suitable writer to write a client’s paper.

·         The specific order hasn’t been presented to the client within the agreed deadline and it’s not needed anymore. In this case, the client gets the full reimbursement, but no paper. The client is also expected not to make use of any documents sent to them earlier. This does not however apply to overdue revisions.

A client qualifies for a 70% money back if:

·         The client has decide to revoke an order which a writer has already started working on and almost half the period required for the writer to complete it has passed. In this case, the client will not get the full refund since the writer started working and he/she should be paid for the job already done.

A client qualifies for a 50% money back if:

·         A client revokes an order which is already being worked on by a writer and over half the period required to complete the order has passed.

·         No suitable writer can be found to do a revision of your paper.

A client qualifies for varying percentage money back if

·         The specific paper is presented to the client after a deadline but the client still requires it. In this case, a client can request a refund due to lateness. After the deadline passes, we will come up with a new price that depends on the time the paper gets delivered to a client.

·         If the client is made to believe that the paper is not satisfactory or is substandard. For such an unusual happening, you can request for a free revision at no cost or a change of writers. The client can also request our support staff to put the order under ‘dispute’ status. After the specific order is put under Dispute, the client can request a repayment, but must first be aware of the following:

  • A Sincere and strong reason or reasons are needed to hold up your claim.
  • It might take a while to resolve your dispute. Our support staff might be forced to forward the paper to the Quality assurance Department, contact the writer or ask for more sources to confirm your claim. Such activities will take time.
  • Reimbursements for disputed orders aren’t constant since each case is resolved and analyzed separately and the refund percentage is confirmed after a comprehensive scrutiny.
  • Information or materials requested to assist in dispute resolution must be provided within 14 days on requesting, if not, the process will be halted and no refund will be given.

After Approval of the Order

It is crucial for clients to be aware of the fact that if a paper preview version is made available on their personal page and the order status is changed to ‘delivered’, the client will only be allowed a period not exceeding 2 weeks to run through the particular paper after which he/she will ‘approve’ it or request for revision. If the paper is not approved or a revision requested within 2 weeks, then the order status automatically changes to ‘approved’. On approval, the client can go ahead and download the paper and use it in an appropriate manner.

If a client gets reimbursed 100% on his order, then they lose control of the paper including any other material they have received from our support staff.