Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you keep the personal information safe?

Of course! The homework help service that we offer you is completely safe. We worry about your information as much as you do. Your data remains confidential with us. Once you get the homework, all the rights are yours. We cannot use the paper again. If you chat with someone or share some information then it also remains safe. Sometimes, you mention names while chatting. You don’t have to take stress because your chat is yours.

Are the payment methods safe?

If we were in your position then would worry about it as much. After all, there are many service providers who scam you. Once you pay the price, they steal the valuable information and use it to snatch the money away from your card. We assure that every single bit of your personal information is confidential and no one can get to it.

The payment methods depend on your selection. You can choose the one which you think is secretive enough. If you have a debit card then you can pay with it and if you want then you can pay using the credit card. Although, we prefer that you use PayPal. This method is not only safe but almost all the students prefer to use it.

Are there any discounts?

Actually, we do offer you the discounts if you use our quality essay help service. There is a discount application that activates for all the users who use our cheap homework services frequently. Once you get the discount, you can open it to get the code. Take the code and insert it the next time you order our assistance. There is a place where you have to put the discount code. With the discount code, you can observe a decrease in the prices.

However, there is one thing which you have to keep in mind. You cannot use the code after submitting the form.

Can I take guidance from the writer?

Yeah, you can take the guidance from the experts. You can keep your connection stable with the writer that is writing your paper. The assignment helpers that we have are professionals. They have had experience in mentoring. Thus, they can easily tutor you anything which you cannot grasp. You can use the order form to send your comments. If you don’t want to use that then you can use the chat service. If there are further requirements or points that you want to be visible in your paper then you can send that file.