What is your biggest wish?

Right now? I guess, pay someone to do my assignment. If this wish of mine came true then I would be jumping around the whole day.

Really? Yeah, a wish could be anything right? I just want to get away from the assignment as soon as possible. It has been giving me headaches for a while now. And I am tired of eating pills every day. I have a different routine from all the other students. It is already very tough and these essays are making it even more difficult. Every time I get the homework, I just want someone else to complete it while I go on with the other tasks. The other important tasks and chores require just as much focus and time. You tell me, how can I complete the homework when I already have so much on the plate?

No doubt, this is your story as well. You have been writing similar pieces in your diary as well. However, you cannot just tell these desperations to anyone. If you tell your professor about your story then he thinks that you are just bluffing. He thinks that you are making excuses to leave the homework behind you.

Only you know that it is nothing like that. You have some other duties as well. While you are a student and you admit that but you are a human being as well. Your plate is full and you cannot eat everything at the same time.

You are not saying that you shouldn’t complete the homework. All you want is your professor to compromise with you. If he gives you a little time more than the normal deadline then you will be able to write the paper and submit it. Alas! It is never going to happen. You know because you have tried reasoning with your professor but he doesn’t even listen to what you are trying to say. In his eyes, every student is the same and is making excuses to enjoy while dumping the homework. There are some students who are pressurized than the normal students and you are just one of them.

Since you are a mature student, you don’t want to jump on the conclusions. That is why you have already tried all the suggestions which the peers give. If you tell your story then some would say that you should at least try to complete the work once. You have already tried it. Just recently, you had started writing the homework as soon as you got it. A few chores popped up along the way then you had to tutor your siblings as well. The whole evening passed away and before you knew it, it was already night. You also had to go to the college and then at the part-time job. In the end, you were only halfway done. What did you get?

You got nothing other than the lowest grade. Even glancing at the grade was creeping guilt and shame in your heart. You don’t want that to happen again. That is why you want to pay someone to do my assignment.

What are the benefits if you would pay someone to do my assignment?

Let’s start with the most important benefits which would make your life easy.

You wouldn’t have to waste your time

Like stated before, you have many chores that you have yet to complete. If you have an assignment then you wouldn’t be able to complete such chores. You really don’t want to hear the angry yells of your mother. If you reason with your mother then she wouldn’t be angry. But the thing is that you had lied with your mother about the homework to skip the chores. She knows now that you were lying that day. Even if you are stating the truth now, she is not believing you. Whatever you tell her she is not listening. So it has become absolute that you should complete the chores.

The problem which is hindering the path is that if you do your homework then you wouldn’t have enough time for the chores. If you pay someone to do my assignment then you wouldn’t have to waste your time.

You wouldn’t have to pull your hair out

Sure, you don’t want to complete your homework but it is not that you are not familiar with the homework. You know that if you want to write your paper then you would have to struggle a lot. Writing the essay makes you bite your own nails and bang the head on the table continuously. There are so many things that you don’t know how to write. You feel as if writing is not your thing. Making you write is like telling a gardener to make a cake.

You wouldn’t have to shut yourself off

Almost all the students know that assignments take a lot of your time if you write them. Normal students don’t usually have that much time. You are also one of them and your schedule is very tight. If you want to go out then you have to complete your studies quickly. If you get an assignment to complete then it feels as if you are in a whirlpool. Your mind is almost all the time swirling due to it. With the assignment, you have a responsibility to complete it. If you don’t do it then you won’t get the grade which you have in mind.

The only thing which you can do to write such a long assignment is to shut yourself off from the society and only write the paper. Can you really do it? It only sounds easy and when you have to do it then you understand just what you have to do. What else do you want if you can just pay someone to do my assignment? You can do your work like eating some pudding while the expert writes your paper.

If you pay someone to do my assignment then you wouldn’t have to research and scramble the papers

For an assignment that is unique, you have to research. If you don’t research then you won’t be able to write the paper. It is like asking a French chef to make an Italian dish. He doesn’t know anything about it. Thus, he will have to find the recipe and go in its depth on its own.

You don’t have such deep lakes of knowledge that you can dive in to find the information. When you don’t even know a single thing about the paper, what are you going to write in it? If you babble then your professor will be ticked and he will shred the paper. You don’t want that to happen, at least not in front of the whole class.

Once you find the data, you have to write it down. The assignment is very long and you have to make a huge content. Do you think that you can note down all of that information on just a page? When you think that you have found enough information, you have to write it down. You have to scramble the pages to find the right part. If you pay someone to do my assignment then you can avoid doing that.

You wouldn’t have to confuse yourself with the writing

As you know, there are just too many styles of writing. You cannot even remember how many styles are there. To top it off, you also have to arrange your paper according to a proper format. You cannot do it unless you are familiar with all the formats. If you don’t personally know the formats then you cannot format the paper. Sure, you can find the guidelines on the internet but it doesn’t make formatting any easier. Instead of confusing yourself with all the formats, you can just pay someone to do your assignment.

You wouldn’t have to narrow your eyes for hours

When you are done with the writing of your paper, you have to proofread the paper. Proofreading sounds very easy but you know the true form of the proofreading. Considering your skills, you know that there are many mistakes in the paper. If you want to correct all those mistakes then you have to revise the whole paper. Proofreading the assignment is like you are reading a ton of papers. It becomes easy to proofread the documents if you rely on an online tool. The problem with the online grammar checking tools is that it doesn’t check anything other than the spellings.

If you want to remove all the mistakes then you have to read it yourself. Your assignment is very long and you have to stare at the same screen for hours. Even if you wear your glasses, your eyes hurt after all the reading. If you pay someone to do my assignment then you wouldn’t have to squint your eyes for hours.